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Everybody wants to be a star! All you need is passion... and the guts to dance anytime, anywhere!

After his last script was rejected, an unknown producer decides to go indie and make the movie himself. He hires two aspiring actors and persuades them that all they need to make a great movie is burning passion (and to be ready to improvise all the dance scenes in public locations to attract other dancers, of course...). After all, everyone wants to be a star and, if they perform well, people will join the dance to share in the glory.


The Producer

producer He has the perfect script!! Why does nobody seem interested in it?? The producer wants to direct a Bollywood movie but cannot find a studio interested in anything he's written. When his latest script is rejected, he decides to risk everything and do it the indie way.

Kumar Khan


Meet Kumar Khan, the next Bollywood king! Or so he says... Kumar has eveything he needs to succeed: good looks, talent, energy and the will to do anything it takes to make his dream come true. No move is too difficult, no sunglasses are too dark, no wall is too high, no train is too fast and no shame is too great for this aspiring star.

Kendra Kapoor


A gifted singer since birth, Kendra always wanted to sing... but nobody wanted to listen. Pretty, energetic and determined, she's ready to start at the bottom to make her dream come true. When the producer offers her a role in his movie, she knows she can't get any lower - the only way now is up!


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