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System Requirements

On Windows (XP, Vista, 7) you will need:

  • 1GHz or faster CPU
  • 1GB of ram
  • 500MB of disk space
  • 3D graphic card with support for OpenGL 1.1 or higher
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended

If your PC is old or you aren't sure if it can handle the game, please download and try the demo first.


It's always a good idea to install the latest drivers for your video card, as it can increase performance significantly. To download the latest drivers, please visit your video card manufacturer's website. The most popular ones include:


If you need more help, please check this tutorial.

During a level, the characters becomes incredibly slow

Your computer may be having problems keeping up with the game when too many characters are displayed. Please try these solutions:

  • Close any other programs running at the same time as the game.
  • Go into the "Setup->Screen->Advanced" menu and decrease the frame rate.
  • Go into the "Setup->Screen->Advanced" menu and decrease the maximum number of dancers.

If none of these work, please contact us.


Visit our FAQ or our Forum to find answers to common questions or discuss any issues or ideas you may have. You can also contact us at any time for help.

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